Question: I heard that there is an actual possibility of wormholes existing but the amount of energy that you need is the amount of a star explodiung. How big of an explosion would you need to make a wormhole?

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  1. Stars explode all the time, and we can see this. A small star, like our Sun, will blow up and leave a very small (like the size of Earth) core behind, called a neutron star. Much larger stars (about 40 or more times the size of our Sun) will explode, and it is predicted to create a black hole, though we are not sure of this. If this happens, a black hole could possibly connect to a wormhole, however the only way to prove it is to go into one, and as soon as you do, either you will die or not be able to come back. Wormholes are a very theoretically prediction that is hard to prove.