Question: The way that you are trying to get drugs into a body is through what? Is there supper small bodies in the spray that you are doing? Will it be for all drugs or just for a few? Thanks

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  1. Thank you for your question. There are various methods to get drugs into a body – through eating it in a tablet/capsule (or drinking), injecting it (to the bloodstream, fat or muscle), putting it on your skin (creams, lotions or patches), using eye drops through your eyes, or inhaling it (through your mouth or nose).

    There are now drug delivery with microneedles, where there are a large number of small needles but you will not feel like you have been needled at all.

    With sprays, it will depend on where you want to put your drug. If you are using it like sunscreen, the ‘small bodies’ (I will refer them as drug particles or particles) does not need to be small as it is typically in the cream or liquid. If you are breathing it in (like an asthma inhaler), you want it to be very small so it does not get trapped in your throat.

    Your body has a natural defense system for larger particles so it would get trapped in your nose (and you sneeze to get rid of it) or it will get trapped in your throat and you end up swallowing it.

    You don’t want it to be too small or else you will breathe it right out again.

    Initially how people deliver drugs will depend on where you want the drug to reach, so with inhalation puffers it was originally for respiratory issues such as asthma, COPD or cystic fibrosis (and they are still being researched) but there has been attempts to deliver insulin for those with diabetes via inhalation.

    It will be a case-by-case issue on the drug and what kind of format to deliver to your body.