Question: To your understanding at this current moment, how do you believe the universe was formed??

  1. Well the Universe started with the Big Bang, which we do not understand what it is. It could because of an interaction with another Universe, or the massive explosion of some sort of particle or energy. Some believe that it came from nothing altogether.

    After that, the Universe underwent a period of massive expansion, after which all the forces were created, then all the particles, then atoms, then stars and galaxies. Eventually something called Dark Energy kicked in and caused the Universe to start growing faster. The Universe is one crazy place.


  2. I agree with everything Brad said. 🙂 What caused, or preceded, the Big Bang is one of the great questions of science.


  3. Brad’s the expert on this, so I back up his explanation. It’s definitely a fascinating question!


  4. Brad is the expert here and I agree with him. It would be cool to watch the universe forming, but it would be a paradox – how to watch something being formed if what you use to record it isn’t made yet. To get around this, physicists form a question, set a hypothesis, predict the outcome, test the hypothesis and analyse the results – this is the scientific method that scientists follow. As Brad has said, the universe is expanding and there is evidence for this.