Question: how does a star form and why does it explode??

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  1. A star forms by gravity pulling a clump of gas and material into a ball. Planets and asteroids form in a similar manner. However a star has a huge amount of Hydrogen and other gas that is pulled together, and at some point starts to fuse atoms together, becoming its own energy plant, and creating heat, energy, and light.

    They explode because as they live, the start to use up their fuel, and as they use it up, the puff out the used stuff further away so they can focus on the closer, unused material. For most stars, at some point they have used too much fuel and puffed out too far that they can’t support themselves and subsequently collapse down on themselves, blowing up. This is the case with most stars.

    One other type of star (the ones I study) do something slightly different. A white dwarf, is the left over core of a small star (like our Sun) that used up all its burnable material. If a nearby star (most stars are actually two or more stars orbiting together) comes close, the white dwarf will suck material off of it like a zombie, and put it on its outer-layers. After it does this for a while, it can’t support the extra weight which then blows up in a huge explosion.