Question: why do people go blind and deaf?

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  1. Tough question outside my area of expertise. I do know that some people are born that way, while others have conditions that develop. I don’t think there is any one reason it happens.


  2. There are a range of things that could cause blindness or deafness – such as injury or disease. If your eyes are hit (for example, hard object, sharp object or chemicals), it could cause blindness either temporary or permenant depending on how severe it was. Similarly with deafness, it could be your eardrums being injured from a hit on your head or very loud noise. Diseases could damage your eyes or ears without you doing anything to them.


  3. Blindness and deafness (like memory loss) can occur due to injuries or disease, but are all also associated with getting older. I think part of the reason that this might be the case is evolution.

    The basic idea behind evolution is that those who are “best” at reproducing are successful, and their descendents will become dominant. So the reason that people are the way they are today is because they have evolved to be “best” at producing children. But this means that only the time up until early adulthood is important for evolution, since there is no evolutionary advantage to remaining healthy, or even staying alive, after the age at which people can have children. So while our bodies have evolved to be strong and fit up until then, that might explain why we become less healthy in older age.