Question: Brad, why did you decide to be a scientist instead of being a soccer player?

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  1. My dad was a professional soccer player. He didn’t go to uni, and when his career was over, he had a hard time finding decent work. I decided I didn’t want to be like this, and I wanted to go to university (I was the first one in my family to go). When I got there, I really enjoyed science so stuck with it, and have loved it since!


  2. I think a lot of professional sports players have the same concerns as Brad does – what happens when their career is over. Most of the time, athletes don’t compete until 65 and not all of them score big contracts or major endorsements through their sporting career.

    My younger brother is an archer and a scientist/engineer – so I can see him working to make money to support his archery (he was aiming to get into the Australian Olympic Archery team but he wouldn’t be going to London because he didn’t make it).

    I used to be a fencer (the best I got to be was being the team captain for my state, Queensland, in the Under 20s Epee competition back in 1997 and individually in that competition I was in the middle of the pack) and back then I knew I wouldn’t be able to make a living doing fencing.



  1. couldn’t you still play soccer if you wanted to?


  2. I still do play soccer a lot (for fun), just not semi-pro or pro.