Question: How did dinosours become extinct?

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  1. This is an answer I think better suited for Kate. However, we do know that a large meteor crashed into the Earth, just north of Mexico. It was large enough that when it crashed, would have disrupted the environment enough to cause mass extinctions. This was roughly about the same time as when the dinosaurs went extinct, however it doesn’t necessarily mean it was the cause.


  2. I think it is generally accepted that the climate changed quite suddenly and the dinosaurs were unable to adapt. The meteor theory that Brad mentions is a leading contender for what might have caused the climate to change, but I don’t think it’s known for sure.


  3. There are different theories on how dinosaurs become extinct. The one Brad and Chris mentioned (meteor/asteroid hitting the Earth) is related to the other theory of increased volcano activity – both would have thrown up particles (soil or ash) into the sky that it blocks sunlight getting through. Without sunlight, the environment would be much cooler, some plants would have died so there wouldn’t be enough food to go around.

    I haven’t heard if anyone mentioned that inhaling the dust might have caused respiratory disease or problems.

    Talking about diseases, could they have contracted some sort of cancer or very infectious disease that spread widely and cause extinction because they haven’t found a cure?

    Here is another one to throw out there (it may already been proposed by scientists in this field but I haven’t check if it is true): Could it be from an increase of a certain types of dinosaurs such that they ate others into extinction – and as they run out of food, they turn on each other? (There have been animals that became extinct when humans are around because we didn’t know conservation on them).

    There are so many theories – perhaps you can solve it if you become a scientist and work in this field!