Question: What is your favourite elememt?

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  1. Probably oxygen, since we can’t live without it!


  2. It may sound boring to say Carbon but most of organic chemistry involves carbon in some way.


  3. Iron. In physics, Iron is the beginning and end of elements. Elements with higher atomic numbers than Iron decay down to Iron, and go no further. Elements less than Iron combine to Iron, and go no further. It is the ruler of elements, the Chuck Norris of the periodic table if you will.

    Coolest name is Californium 🙂


  4. Beryllium? No, wait, I don’t even really know what Beryllium is. I’m going to say iron, because it has a chemical symbol (Fe) that isn’t obvious based on its name, and it makes magnets work, which is just cool.

    Herbert, Carbon isn’t a boring answer! What are diamonds made of? 😉