Question: why is it that we HUMANS find it extremely hard to simplify how the brain works, why do we find it so difficult to handle it or control it. we as the humans are very smart but why would we fail at something that make us who we are?? PREETY HARD ONE AAYYY :)

  1. Actually, we know a great deal about the brain. We do know what parts of the brain control various functions, and we even know how to deal with it when problems occur. For example, if a baby has a problem with one side of their brain, the whole side can be removed and the baby will grow up almost as if nothing has happened. There is still a lot to learn about it as it is the most advanced computer we have ever known.

    It is also harder to study the brain rather than a computer, since we are the ones that made computers, we know exactly how they work. However, since we did not assemble/design ourselves, it takes more effort to figure out how we work.


  2. The brain is very complicated – it is more powerful in terms of computing power than any computer we can build, even one many times the size of the human brain, and it operates entirely on biological and chemical interactions that we only partially understand. And there is no reason that we should find it simple to understand it because it makes us who we are – it wasn’t so long ago that one of the greatest philosophers in the world, Aristotle, thought that the heart was the “seat of knowledge” while the brain had more to do with making blood circulate! Struggling to understand what makes us what we are is a major part of the history of human thought and endeavour, and we are nowhere near a final answer! It is very far from a simple question.


  3. We do simplify how the brain works to teach in schools. Like most science subject areas, the more you study, the more in depth it goes. As Brad and Chris already said, there is a lot of understanding on how the brain functions and how it operates. If we don’t have that understanding, neurosurgeons wouldn’t be operating on people’s brains.

    We are still learning about the brain but even recently (a few days ago), they made a device where you can use your brain to control a robotic arm – they used a small sensor that picks up nerve activity and translated the signal into movement.