Question: Do you think science is the only thing that keeps our world together?

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  1. Science is the understanding of our world. If everybody agrees on the findings, then it keeps everybody together. Unfortunately in some controversial topics it can be very divisive.


  2. I admit to being biased, as a scientist, but I think science is the answer to everything. It’s easier for me to just assume everything happens because that’s how science wants it to happen.


  3. Science is universal. There is a connection that transcends beliefs, languages, and personalities. It is everything, and we are science.


  4. I think there is a scientific explanation for everything in our world (and the universe), if that is what you mean.

    More philosophically, many issues that are controversial in society have a scienitific basis for discussion that is ignored (I am thinking here of climate change, use of stem cells in medicine, genetically modified food, etc) where science (to me) is the side that makes sense, while the other side of the debate is without any reasonable basis in fact. I often feel like the unreasonable is winning the debate in society, and that makes me sad, and angry, that science and critical thought is so easily dismissed by the world at large.



  1. Chris, I agree (with respect to the controversial issues) – sometimes those on the other side take pseudo-science to justify their case. They don’t look at the full picture but only things that supports their point of view.

    I think if some sound scientific knowledge foundation is given out to society in general (not biased to one side or the other), people can make their own decisions based on the facts laid out.

    Tayla07, this is why we scientists are happy to engage with students so there is some understanding and appreciation in what is involved in science – and how it may impact your world.


  2. Herbert. Two thumbs up.