Question: why did you choose to work with the Nexcare brand

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  1. Actually, I chose to work for a company that has many brands (3M) – where else can you be in a company that makes things like Post-It (sticky notes), Scotch (office products), Command (stretch release products), ACE (not that well known outside the US), Futuro (braces and supports), Littmann (stethoscopes used in hospitals and clinics) as well as Nexcare (first aid). There are over 65,000 products that 3M makes and countless scientific technologies that I can look into and apply into a product. Some of the products you will not see a ‘brand’ associated with it – like traffic signs or things for the electronics industry.

    We aim to be The World’s Leading Science Based Company and I am excited to be part of this. Nexcare is one way I can move into a consumer based brand (over-the-counter) instead of prescription based (previously in 3M I was working with dry powder inhalers to deliver drugs into your lungs). It is also a brand where I can work closely with colleagues researching in the professional area so I can try and bring it to the consumer.

    It is like how technologies developed in Formula 1 cars eventually makes their way into regular road cars.