Question: What is Anti-matter?


  1. Anti-matter is the opposite of matter. In order for physics to work, everything must have an opposite. Newton’s law of motion says every force must have an equal and opposite force is a fundamental law that forms the basis of a lot of physics. That means that all the particles (atomic and sub-atomic) must have opposites to balance them. Even though the electron and proton have opposites charges, they are not actually opposites in everything (mass, charge, spin, etc.). Therefore, for matter we have the proton and electron which make up atoms, and for anti-matter we have anti-protons (opposite of protons) and positrons (opposite of electrons) that make up anti-atoms. Therefore in anti-matter, one positron and one anti-proton make up one anti-hydrogen atom (the opposite of Hydrogen). It is a crazy thing, but actually works.

    Experiments both on labs on Earth and observations in space have confirmed that anti-matter exists. The weird thing is that our Universe is made up of almost all matter, with very little anti-matter. Calculations expect an equal amount of both, but this is not the case. It is a big problem that people are working on. It could be that something happened early in the Universe which caused this, or even a whole other Anti-Universe exists.