Question: What is your one wish or goal that you hope to achieve through studying science?

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  1. I would want to understand how the Universe works. I would love to know what makes up the Universe (what Dark Matter and Dark Energy are) and how the Universe was formed. Its the biggest question!


  2. Obviously, when working on a disease that kills many people, I would love to discover something that lead to a cure that meant that we didn’t need to worry about it any more. Selfishly, though, I would like to understand all of the intricacies of a cellular network of gene regulation: which genes are on, which genes are off, and what is keeping them all in that state. Completely impossible, but so much fun to think about!



  1. My goal is fairly broad – wanting to do applied research and make products to improve the lives of everybody. That is why I was in starches (trying to help the Australian rice industry), drug delivery (to help people with respiratory problems) and now first aid (to help people who are injured). Who knows where I will work on next.