Question: What sort of future does science have?

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  1. If your question is in terms of a career, it can be rewarding as long as you are curious and want to learn more in a particular field. One advice would be to go for a postgraduate degree if you want a deeper understanding and also to learn and practice research skills.

    Traditionally PhD graduates move into academic research and become academics over time. More graduates are now moving into industry than into universities. There isn’t that stigma anymore (not that I have noticed since moving to industry from academic life).

    In terms of a field, science still has a long way to go to understand the world that we live in. In my graduate work of starches – there has been years of research and yet we are still finding out new things, as well as new applications.

    Overall, science has a bright future but I have to be balanced – it isn’t for everybody although there probably is a slice of science that you may be interested in.