Kate Trinajstic

Photo: Kate

Me and my Work: I’m a paleontologist who is trying to understand how we evolved an internal skeleton. I am using the synchrotron in France to examine different types of mineralised tissues such as bone, cartilage and dentine, and why different groups of vertebrate animals have different types of mineralised tissues. I am also looking at how bone grows and as the bone grows how muscles remain attached.

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Herbert Chiou

Photo: Herbert

Me and my Work: I passionately help create and develop relevant consumer health care solutions in an ever evolving environment.

Status: Thanks for playing everybody. If students or teachers want to talk to me, I am on Twitter as @herbertchiou

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Goli Samimi

Photo: Goli

Me and my Work: Our group works towards improving treatment and survival in ovarian cancer patients.

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Chris Slape

Photo: Chris

Me and my Work: I’m a molecular biologist trying to understand what causes leukemia, and how we might prevent it.

Status: Really enjoying all the questions I'm getting! Keep asking!

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Brad Tucker

Photo: Brad

Me and my Work: I use supernovae, which are stars that have exploded, to figure out what the Universe is made out of, how it was formed, and what will happen to it.

Status: Sorry to all those whose questions I couldn't answer. ASK me it now and I'll give you an awesome answer :)

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