Question: There are different realms in movies and comics like thor and the avengers, what would be the best way to describe these in a more realistic way? Chris suggested that I ask you.

  1. Good question. I love the Avengers (both the comic strip and movie). The realms in Thor/Avengers relates back to the Norse religion and their cosmology. Norse people like the Greeks and others ancient peoples had a very different view of the world/Universe. Instead of having planets, stars, galaxies, and the Universe, the world (or Universe) was broken up into different substances such as water, fire, earth, wind etc. These substances each had their own realm (or Universe if you’d like) and interacted with the others in limited ways. These religions associated gods over each realm which controlled and regulated it, and had stories to explain how they interacted to form the Earth and other such things. Their view of the Universe was much like an onion so to speak. An onion has multiple layers, and each one kind of interacts with others, but is mostly isolated. They thought the Universe was broken up into substances like that. I hope this makes sense and helps you understand a bit. There are people who study the history and philosophy of science and study this very thing.